We are a major jewelry manufacturer and exporter in China.

Jewelrywin manufacturing and providing FASHION JEWELRY for customers all over the world since year of 2005, and we has been active in the industry for over fifteen years and our long and intensive experience of manufacturing jewelries makes us confident in our ability to always bring out outstanding high-quality products.

In terms of costs, quality, efficiency and design, Jewelrywin has the competences to always offer you the deals that will satisfy you and make your business as profitable and safe as possible.

Inspection is a very important aspect in ensuring your product quality.

By inspecting products at the source, during production, prior to shipment and before container sealing, the costs associated with import risks and product recalls are reduced significantly.

Our products are sustainable and trustworthy because we set and follow high standards.

What we do


Our designers create tailor-made,cost effective items that enhance customers' on-board experience.


We manage the complete production process seamlessly from sourcing to final production.


We guarantee a complete support throughout the process .


We manage all logistics to ensure an efficient product dispatch adapted to all airlines requirement.