Our Advantages

Of course, every company has its own advantages. We have a feeling that your demands in fashion jewelry products match up with JEWELRYWIN’s advantages, including:

At a time when many companies are concerned about high quality service, JEWELRYWIN, one of the most professional fashion jewelry products supplier, is a solid, trusted, accountable partner.

Many companies have a lot of expectation on their purchasing department, they cannot make it without reliable suppliers. With JEWELRYWIN, you can count on reliable service, performance and responsiveness from a dedicated team.

Cost efficiency
Many companies have recognized the wisdom of outsourcing their product and service. With JEWELRYWIN, you can be confident that your needs will be met. And you can be sure that we will provide contracted or agreed-upon products and service at a fair price.

Best practices
Since we are a leading provider of fashion jewelry products to jewelry industry worldwide, we can bring ideas, best practices and solutions from the world’s finest jewelry industry operations to yours, to help you better meet challenges and solve problems.

We can help establish vision of market changes and describe where you can be in this changing environment. We have insights on how to achieve tomorrow’s goals today.

Individualized Business

Our goal is to meet Your individual needs

In terms of costs, quality, efficiency and design, JEWELRYWIN has the competences to always offer you the deals that will satisfy you and make your business as profitable and safe as possible. That's what we live for and what we are good at.

  • To act in a timely manner...
  • To listen to your personal requirements and ideas...
  • To always improve and adjusts...

These are the actions we believe will help us be able to identify your needs and wants. After all, when your business is going well, our business is going well!

Process Optimization

We are constantly striving to optimize the process. Effectiveness and safety are not just the foci for manufacturing and sales teams; those values permeate our organization.

By streamlining the process and implementing rigorous tests, we today have reached a higher level of service.

Our long experience in the fashion jewelry industry as well as in the Chinese market has given us many advantages.

Our strong network of manufacturing and logistics makes it possible for us to always offer our customers the best prices, without compromising on quality!

We are very selective when choosing cooperative partners, all about our promise to our partners.

Brand Value

Your brand is important to us

Brand value and customer loyalty represents the core of values of our business model.

By building close communications, we work hard to create genuine relations where the everyday operation makes you rely on us, and great results make you come back.

By providing you with our fashion jewelry products, distinguished by effectiveness and safety, we will enhance your brand.

Service Concept


Good service creates customer satisfaction.

Excellent service creates customer loyalty.
JEWELRYWIN’s service concept starts from brand consultancy, ends in customer royalty.
JEWELRYWIN has an experienced, passionate and talented team working closely with our customers and partners by taking following steps:

  • Brand Consultancyto know customer’s expectation and give feedback
  • Initial product designto materialize customer’s expectation
  • Design finalizedto crystallize customer’s expectation
  • Samples developmentto give customers sense of touch
  • Samples improvementprefect presentation
  • Order Fulfillmentto ensure optimal quality and delivery performance
  • After-sale Serviceto let you have nothing to worry about